'16 And Pregnant' Poll: Was Millina Wise To Keep Her Distance From Trevor's Mom?


On tonight's episode of "16 and Pregnant," we met Millina, a teen from Michigan who had to grow up fast after her parents got divorced, leaving her grandmother, Nan, to take care of her and her younger brother, Moses. Adding to the family drama, Millina's mom, Raychelle, had recently been arrested for drug possession.

Millina was expecting a child with her boyfriend, Trevor, whom she met in the Detroit club scene. With Millina's mom temporarily out of the picture, Trevor's mother, Tina, offered to step up and help out with the baby, but her health condition, which causes strokes and seizures, gave Millina pause about leaving her alone with a newborn.

"We've watched her drop things and we've watched her fall," Millina explained to Nan. "What happens if she goes and falls with the baby?"


Throughout the episode, tensions continued to rise between the two, especially after Tina told Millina that she and her son were moving. Tina invited Millina to come live with them, but when Millina respectfully declined, Tina broke down, yelling, "There's no one in this world that wouldn't trust me with their f**king baby. I'll tell you that right now!" All the while, Trevor stood there silent.

It was no surprise that after Baby Kayden was born, Millina saw Trevor less and less. "This isn't how I wanted it to be with Trevor, because I didn't want Kayden to grow up in a broken home," Millina said. "In the beginning, it was like me and Trevor were on the same team. But now it's more so like instead of fighting together, we're fighting with each other."

+ Do you think Millina made the right decision to keep her distance from Trevor's mom, or should she have trusted Tina more? Weigh in with your opinion, and make sure to download the MTV app for extended sneak peeks of the rest of the season.

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