Relive The Most Intense 'Catfish' Reveals In Under Two Minutes [Video]


Derek was shocked when he went to meet "Kristen" but encountered Chastity instead.

Very soon, we'll see Internet sleuths Nev Schulman and Max Joseph hit the road for a brand new season of "Catfish," and this time, the online love experts will investigate more than just tales of virtual romance gone awry. Yup, money, cyberbullying and even a case of a potentially dead third party will all play a role in the coming episodes, but before we set off on the new frontier, we'd like to honor the two seasons that came first -- more specifically, the fantastically uncomfortable (but occasionally happy!) reactions that both love hopefuls and their deceivers have delivered during the big reveals.

In the video below, you'll get a second look at a bunch of the moments that left your palms sweaty. From the first episode, in which Sunny reeled after learning that her model "boyfriend" was actually a female high school student named Chelsea, to the famous claps that came from Artis' encounter with an incredibly judgmental (and cryptic!) Justin, "Catfish" unveilings have produced rivers of tears and blood-curdling shouts, and we're on the edge of our seats to see what comes next.

Relive a handful of the most extreme "Catfish" reactions, peep some GIFs from additional stories and stay tuned for the Season 3 premiere on Wednesday, May 7 at 10/9c.


Kristyn was completely overcome with guilt after meeting Mike...


...and Mike was less than impressed with Kristyn's excuse.


The big moment left another Mike pretty flustered.

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