'Teen Mom 2 Reunion' Spotlight: Is Jenelle Ready To Have Full Custody Of Jace?


Season 5 of "Teen Mom 2" started off pretty messy for Jenelle Evans. Shortly after her husband, Courtland, was carted off to jail on drug-related charges, she found out she was carrying his child. Ultimately, Jenelle decided to terminate the pregnancy, and as she worked at cleaning up her own act with each episode, the young mother to four-year-old Jace met and fell in love with someone new. Nathan was a breath of fresh air compared to Jenelle's previous romantic interests, and though they had their fair share of ups and downs, the relationship endured.

Soon after moving in together, Nathan and Jenelle began to discuss having a child. Jenelle's mom, Barbara -- as well as fans of the show -- weren't fully supportive of the idea, but ever since the couple announced their positive pregnancy test, Jenelle has been doing her best to prove that she's ready for the responsibilities of having a newborn, as well as capable of caring for Jace at the same time.

During Tuesday night's "Teen Mom Reunion, Part 2," Jenelle expressed excitement about her growing family, and said she hoped the baby would help establish a stable household for Jace. When Dr. Drew asked Barbara if she could imagine a day when Jace was fully back in Jenelle's care, she confessed that she didn't know.

"This is what I'm open to: If their life goes as they plan, I'm hoping that someday Jace could, you know, go over there more," Barbara said. "Jace calls me 'meme,' which is French for 'grandmother,' but he also calls me 'mama.' I'm the only mother he really knows."

Both Nathan and Jenelle acknowledge and respect Jace's attachment to Barbara, but they still hope to spend more time with him once the baby's born. Whether that leads to increased custody, only time will tell, but what do you guys think? Is Jenelle ready to take on permanent responsibility of her four-year-old on top of a newborn? Watch the reunion clip, and take our poll.

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