On The Come Up: Alesha Renee Admits She Made A Few Fashion Faux-Pas In Her First Reel

MTV2’s new series, “Jobs That Don’t Suck,” follows young men and women around the country who’ve hit the career lottery, and the cast members of “Girl Code” and “Guy Code” can surely relate. However, fame and fortune weren’t always their reality. The truth is, EVERYBODY’s gotta pay their dues, which is why we’re walking down memory lane each Wednesday to share some of the gang’s not-so-glamorous past gigs — check out this week’s “On the Come Up” spotlight:

When most people see a photo of themselves from 10 years ago, the first thought that usually comes to mind is “What the heck was I wearing?!” Fortunately, us regular folks need only sulk in that embarrassment in front of a few family members or Facebook friends, but when you’re a television star like “Girl Code“’s Alesha Renee, the whole world gets to laugh at with you.

As part of our career-centric flashback series, “On the Come Up,” Alesha shared with us a clip from her first professional hosting reel (it’s like a video résumé that helps you land gigs), but rather than patting her own back for how far she’s come (which she TOTALLY deserves to do!), the “Code” beauty just could NOT get past her former fashion choices.

“Oh gosh, what isn’t wrong here?” she asked herself, referencing the video below. “From the blonde hair (I thought I was baby Beyoncé) to my wardrobe…did you see those puff sleeves?”

Embedded from www.youtube.com.