Vinny Guadagnino Hawks Bulk Supplies Of Condoms In 'Two Guys Named Josh' [Video]


Vinny Guadagnino wears many hats, but in the latest episode of MTV Other's "Two Guys Named Josh," he's hawking one very specific type. (Why didn't he think of this a long time ago?)

As Josh and Josh discuss their quest for some birthday sex, a TV advertisement featuring the former "Jersey Shore" star gives them some serious encouragement. The Staten Island ladies' man has a new product on the market called Vinny's Big Ass Box of Condoms, because, duh, rubbers were meant to be sold in bulk. Anything less than 364 in a package simply won't do!

"That's a condom for every day of the year, except one," the salesman says, proudly toting what he deems to be the cheapest contraceptives around. "Don't have sex on Halloween; that's too scary!"

With explosions, a surfboard and unclear diagrams included in Vinny's pitch, Josh-squared certainly can't ignore the importance of year-round protection, but will the pep talk be enough to land each guy a hot birthday babe? Check out the short, and be sure to scope out MTV Other for more funny series.