Jace Evans Snuggles With Mom Jenelle's Baby Bump [Photo]


Jace cuddles with his little brother-to-be, Kaiser.

Between the drugs, bad boyfriends and arrests, Jenelle Evans' "Teen Mom 2" journey hasn't been easy, and the mistakes she's made have led to some serious arguing with her loved ones -- especially her mother, Barbara. But these days, the young mother, who's expecting her second child in July, seems to be on the right track with regard to family life, and the fact that she's been spending so much time with her son, Jace, is an incredibly heartening sign. You can't possibly look at the photo Jenelle shared on Facebook today, in which the four-year-old dozes off on his adoring mama, and not feel the warm and fuzzies.

"He fell asleep on Kaiser after this pic during my pedicure <3 best boy ever!" Jenelle captioned the sweet shot above. Kaiser, of course, is the name Jenelle and boyfriend Nathan Griffith have chosen for their son-to-be, and in the "Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment" clip below, Jenelle shares her hopes that he and Jace will have a deep connection. There's still a little bit of time to go before the boys officially meet, but it seems like she has nothing to worry about. There's only love here!


Jenelle's the one to catch ZZZs first in this pic she posted yesterday.

Photos courtesy of Jenelle Evans' Facebook