That's What You Said...About '16 & Pregnant''s Maddy Getting Kicked Out

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It's a choice no parent wants to make, but on this week's "16 and Pregnant" premiere, a high school student named Maddy, who got pregnant after a one -night stand, was kicked out of her home by her mother, Jen, a month after giving birth. Jen had given Maddy ample warning that she'd have to leave, and said there simply wasn't enough space to raise two babies (Jen had also recently given birth), but was her stern order justified?

After the episode aired, fans of the series -- some of whom felt a personal connection to Maddy and Jen's story -- shared their reactions to Jen's decision on the MTV Shows Blog and Facebook. Take a look at what a few of them wrote, and be sure to keep the conversation going in the comments!

"If you want to make adult decisions, you then have to be an adult. I support her mom's decision. I am sure it wasn't easy, but [Maddy] was warned." -- Kourtney S.

"I think some people forget that these kids are still CHILDREN. Of course they're going to make mistakes. Part of the job of a parent is to guide them and to help them learn from their mistakes, not just leave them to figure things out and suffer on their own." -- Marcy

"I am 45-year-old single mom and would never tell my 16-year-old and her newborn they had to go. That broke my heart into a million pieces!" -- Dayna S.

"Their house was way too crowded and we saw how hectic it was for them to have two babies in the house. Maddy had other options and a clear deadline." -- JessiBear510

"[Maddy's mom] knew Maddy had other options. If Maddy was going to be homeless, I bet her mom would have reconsidered. But she had two other homes willing to take her and Aubrey in." -- Kelly P.

"I think it is wrong to push your child away when she needs you the most!" -- Kristian

"My mom told me that if I got pregnant before I graduated, she would kick me out. Well, I ended up pregnant at 17 and my mom did not kick me out. She let me live there for four months until I got married and moved out. I've now been married for eight years and have two kids." -- Robin B.