'Free Agents' Poll: Should Laurel Give Jordan A Shot?


If Zeus and Hera could make things work (at least for a little while...), then Jordan and Laurel of "The Challenge" might just have a shot! On tonight's "Free Agents" episode, the two power players both admitted to having interest in the other, and when Jordan watched Laurel tear through "Auto Body Rally" to a first place finish, his crush became undeniable. "She is kind of that alpha female," he said as he watched her compete. "That's a really attractive quality."

Later at the bar, the two Type As finally came together for a smooch, but the next morning, Laurel told Nany and Camila that she was reluctant to go any further. "It is embarrassing because he makes out with every f***ing girl," she confided in her pals, but still acknowledged that her spark with Jordan was "something nice."

Welp, looks like Camila's pre-season "Challenge Confession" might just play out before our eyes! Jordan and Laurel certainly seem like a natural fit to us -- you KNOW their kids would own every game of playground wall ball.

+ Tell us what you think -- should Laurel see where things could go with Jordan, or is she smart to remain guarded? Take the poll!

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