The Best Bestie Selfies Snapped By The 'Girl Code' Cast


Carly Aquilino, Jessimae Peluso, Jamie Lee and Nicole Byer cram into one epic selfie.

What's the "Girl Code" on selfies? Well, the cast's Instagram accounts considered, it can probably be summed up as follows: Take as many as you can, wherever you can, alwaysLike the rest of us, the show's comediennes and experts can't resist snapping a good auto-shot every now and again (especially with company of friends!), and to celebrate the world's love of occasional vanity (NO SHAME!), MTV is bringing you a "Girl Code Bestie #Selfiethon" this weekends that includes TWO new episodes. Kick rocks, Easter Bunny!

On Saturday between 6p.m. and 10p.m., MTV will air some solid "Girl Code" greatness, including new episodes at 8:50/7:50c and 9:25/8:25c. The 'thon will also include selfie input from Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann of the upcoming flick, "The Other Woman," and they're planning to award a $1,000 prize to a lucky viewer who completes a series of bestie selfie-themed challenges to their liking. Laughs AND the potential of some cold, hard cash?! We're in!

Take a look at some of our favorite bestie selfies offered up by the "Girl Code" cast, and stay tuned for the new eps during the "Bestie #Selfiethon"!


A shirtless Jessimae and Carly show off their guns.


Shalyah Evans and Tanisha Long have sharp tongues but sweet smiles.


Carly and Nessa bring the glam to the 2013 Video Music Awards.


Alice Wetterlund and Quinn Marcus hug it out.


Jamie and Jessimae hang before a show.


Tanisha and Alesha Renee: A vision of BFF love.

Hear more about the Bestie #Selfie marathon and the $1,000 up for grabs from Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann in this video!

Photos: @CarlyAquilino, @reallyjamielee, @ShalyahEvans@AliceWetterlund, @NessNitty, @iamalesharnee

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