'16 And Pregnant' Bonus Scene: Maddy Sarcastically Sums Up Her First Date With Aubrey's Dad As 'Great'


For those couples that are in caring, healthy relationships, having a baby together often brings them closer together. But what happens when the people about to become parents barely know each other? That was the story with Maddy, whom we met on Monday night's season premiere of "16 and Pregnant." The high school junior got pregnant after a one-night stand with Cody, and had to decide whether or not the two should live together, despite being practical strangers.

In this bonus scene from the episode, Maddy chats with her brother, Kyle, about what it was like going on a first date with Cody — after they already had sex. "It didn't go well," Maddy admits. "He wants Aubrey to have his last name." Seemingly equal parts amused and impressed by the fact that Maddy's totally opposed to it, Kyle sarcastically responds, "What a great date, that sounds pretty wonderful."

The topic then switches to their family's reaction upon hearing Maddy was pregnant, and Kyle, only half-kiddingly, reveals that part of him was overcome with relief. "It was funny at first because you know how mom always blames me for everything that happens in the house. Like, everything I do is wrong. But now that you're pregnant, I can't ever beat that," he says. "They only gave you one rule growing up: Don't get pregnant. And you broke the one rule."

Regardless, Maddy thinks Kyle should shoulder some of the heat, saying, "I told you I was having sex and you didn't do anything about it."

Watch the video and let us know what you think of Maddy's logic.