'House of Food' Poll: Will The Chefs' Criticism Humble Suki The Diva?


Suki's diva-like attitude has rubbed her fellow "House of Food" contestants the wrong way since day one, and she's shown no sign of toning things down. From demanding the master bedroom suite to essentially spitting on new guy Harrison's homemade veal parm, Suki has made it abundantly clear she thinks she's the KitchenAid version of Beyoncé.

The aspiring chef's cocky remarks surrounding her "culinary expertise" mixed with an unwarranted disdain for every housemate (minus Will and Amanda) finally pushed Harrison to his breaking point, and on Monday's episode, he gave Suki a piece of his mind (side note: probably not a good idea to call a woman "a fake bitch" when she's holding a giant knife!). But neither his expletive-laced rant nor his apology stopped Suki from continuing to talk smack before the cooking challenge.

Unfortunately, Suki couldn't walk the walk this week in the kitchen, and the judges tore her apart for the steamed shrimp pasta dish she served them. "You chose the wrong product, you chose the wrong technique, you chose the wrong everything," Chef Brendan barked at her. Yeouch. Think his words will stick with Suki, and will she learn to be a little more modest? Watch the judging again, and take our poll!

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