'Awkward.' Poll: Should Jenna Steer Clear Of Matty To Stay Focused?


Forgetting a homework assignment once or twice or bombing a pop quiz is nothing to lose sleep over, but when Jenna Hamilton woke up from her drug haze and discovered she'd plummeted in the class rankings on tonight's "Awkward" premiere, she officially began to panic. J-Town's talent for writing is undeniable, but while under the influence of some very potent substances (including ex-fling Collin), Jenna's schoolwork suffered, and now, at the start of senior year, even guidance counselor Valerie Marks thinks college is nothing more than a pipe dream for her former favorite student.

Jenna initially resigned herself to the idea that she was in too deep to turn things around, but with Tamara's encouragement and a new focus, she decided to accept the challenge in front of her. Soon, she was a work horse, and in addition to plowing through college applications and personal essays, she even joined the cheer squad as an equipment manager to boost her extracurricular credits. Jenna appreciated the fact that being single for the first time in a while was doing wonders for her motivation, but by the end of the episode she found herself -- or her lips, rather -- regressing. Could kissing ex-boyfriend Matty McKibben send her right back to square one? There's nothing like an epic love saga to break a girl's concentration, after all...

+ Tell us what you think -- now that Jenna seems to be on the path to redemption, should she stay single and keep her eye on the prize, or could Matty actually help her reach her goals? Take the poll!

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