'Free Agents' GIF Of The Week: LaToya Sets The First Elimination Round On Fire!


By the time LaToya had reached the top of Uruguay's World Trade Center during the first "Free Agents" mission, she was bruised, battered and had to be carted off to the hospital in an ambulance. As a result, her fellow competitors almost unanimously voted her into the first elimination, sure she'd be an easy win for whomever The Draw sent in against her. But as Toya's ex-"Real World" housemate Swift pointed out during her head-to-head battle, when she gets mad, she ignites, and by the time the "Balls In" dust had cleared, Toya had torn through Jemmye like a rabid "Teen Wolf."

Cara Maria said moves like LaToya's typically belong in the NFL, but this week, it's someone else who'll be playing the field like a pro. In the sneak peek of Thursday's episode below, Dustin, who engaged in a flirty back-and-forth with Jessica on the premiere, will have his choice between the game's rising star and Emilee, who's also throwing her affection at the southern gentleman. Theresa encourages Emilee to pursue her crush, but the "Cancun" alum has her doubts. "It does bother me to have a little competition," she admits. "And Jessica seems to be getting in the way."

Will either of these ladies win Dustin's heart? Watch the video and see what happens Thursday night at 10/9c!