Vote For The Most Memorable Mission In 'Challenge' History!

For all the hookups, bizarre moments and brawls that accompany every "Challenge," let's not forget that the competitors have an ultimate goal to survive the game and win the big prize. After all, you don't always remember the Class Clown or Biggest Flirt, but it's tough to forget a champion's face.

There have been more missions than we can count across 24 (going on 25) seasons of the series, but a handful have certainly stood out from the rest. Take a look at some of the most intense ones below, vote for which was the most memorable and see which is deemed the ultimate contest on MTV's "ChallengeMania: Super Fan Edition” May 29 at 11/10c, right after “Free Agents.”

XXX Games, "Rivals II"

Avowed enemies usually try to keep a distance, but in this mission, they were forced to go face-to-crotch to get their hands on a first-place finish. In teams of two, the competitors had to claw through an obstacle course that included sawing logs and powering through a tire-minefield, but the last segment -- which challenged them to blow a ball into an open pipe -- was especially naughty.

Don't Let Go, "Duel II"

The name says it all! Though "Duel II" was technically an individual game, "Don't Let Go" challenged one player to hold up another for as long as possible, and when fingers finally slipped through fingers, the competitor being held plummeted hundreds of feet into a ravine. Diem, in particular, was forced to test her fear of heights, and screamed bloody murder on the way down.

Sky Diving, "Battle Of The Seasons"

As if running a race through the Namibian desert wasn't trying enough, the final "Battle of the Seasons" teams learned they weren't even eligible to race unless they dropped from a plane and parachuted to the starting line. Some had a blast with the free-fall, but others, like Trishelle, were completely panicked at the very idea of making the leap.

Gimme Some Honey, "Battle Of The Exes"

Most people wouldn't touch their former flames with a 10-foot pole, but on "Exes," the broken-hearted could only win the first mission by scraping honey off of their scorned lovers' bodies and collecting the sticky stuff in a bucket. The event proved to be a humiliating affair for most, especially Nate, who could never quite find his footing.

Grope The Rope, "The Inferno"

The first "Inferno" mission involved shimmying from one hotel balcony to the next along a thin wire. Though most two-player rounds were done in about a minute, Julie, who faced off against Veronica in the last heat, felt pressure to win for Team Real World, whose average time was at a deficit. As desperation really kicked in, Julie began to fiddle with Veronica's carabiner, and when she started blatantly yanking V's harness, the entire cast freaked out.

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