Desi Lydic Catches Her Mom Mid-Gawk During Zac Efron's Movie Awards Striptease [Photo]


 "Awkward" star Desi Lydic dazzles on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet.

Still nursing your MTV Movie Awards hotness hangover? Yeah, us too. We're having an especially hard time getting the image of Zac Efron's striptease out of our brains (nice work, Rita Ora). Not that we're complaining or anything. In fact, we're green with envy that some people -- like "Awkward" star Desi Lydic — got to experience all the abtastic action live and in the flesh.

The Movie Awards typically comes with its fair share of surprises, but someone who wasn't sure how to react to the shirtless wonder was Desi's date a.k.a Mom. The actress behind our beloved Palos Hills High School guidance counselor, Valerie Marks, uploaded the below pic of her madre on Twitter earlier today, writing, "My moms face when @ZacEfron took his shirt off. #MTVMovie awards."

Desi mom

 Desi's mom soaks in Zac Efron's rock-hard abs.

We're not quite sure if Mrs. L is excited or mortified, but either way, we're glad the ladies could share a special mother-daughter moment amidst the sounds of fangirl screams. Zac Efron will be delighted to know that his bare chest brought the two closer together. Said chest also makes for endless GIFs, like the one below. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.


Dear Channing Tatum, please put Zac in "Magic Mike 2." Mkthxbye.

Photos: Getty Images, Desi Lydic's TwitterMTV Tumblr