Lorena And Harrison Dish On Their 'House Of Food' Smooches (Yep, That's Plural)


The truth always has a way of coming to light, and we were recently lucky enough to snag a few minutes with "House of Food" crushes Lorena and Harrison when they were really in the mood to open up about last week's scandalous smooching.

To recap: On the episode, new guy Harrison arrived, and Lorena was all like, "Heeeeeyy, how YOU doin'?" Veal parm led to flirting, which led to late-night kitchen kisses, and naturally the housemates found out. Harrison originally denied the tryst, but later confirmed it, acting like it was NBD. After all was said and done, Harrison and Lorena made the executive decision to friend-zone their flirtation. /end of story...

Or so we thought, until the two sipped the MTV.com truth serum!

In the interview clip below, the pair discuss their initial attraction, which Harrison maintains was purely physical (and booze-fueled). The hot 'n' heavy kicker? THEY ACTUALLY HOOKED UP MULTIPLE TIMES! Lorena spills that Harrison later came back for seconds (and thirds and fourths), but remains mum on rating his tonsil-hockey abilities. Good thing Harrison is willing to dish, 'cause he rates himself a five-star kisser. "I sound like a douchebag right now, but I know I'm a good kisser."

Check out the video and tune in to an all-new "House of Food" tonight at 11/10c!