Is 'Free Agent' Jessica A New 'Challenge' Threat?


After watching Devyn and Brandon plummet from the roof of Uruguay's World Trade Center on the "Free Agents" premiere, Jessica, whose fear was written all over her face, seemed ready for the same fate. In order to ensure her team won "Out on a Ledge," she had to cross a wobbly log, collect a flag halfway across and ring a bell on the other side. But the first step seemed impossible, and as the clock kept ticking, Jessica's teammates -- particularly ex-"Real World: Portland" housemate Jordan -- grew tired of her stalling.

And then, something really, really cool happened.

When it seemed as if Jessica's feet were permanently trapped in quicksand, she finally let go of the steel tower behind her, shuffled to the flag's spot on the log and kept right on going until she rang the bell. Every player who watched safely from a distance erupted into cheers, and Jessica, who seemed shocked by her own performance, said she didn't know if she wanted to scream or cry. "Who else is inspired by @MtvJess right now? #teamjess," Zach tweeted as he watched along.

And the icing on the cake? Jordan, who wound up failing the very same task, couldn't help but gush. "I've never been more happy to eat my words," he admitted.

Watch the moment again, and tell us if you think Jessica's got the potential to be a "Challenge" great!

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