MTV Movie Awards: IT’S ALL HAPPENING For The 'Awkward.' Cast!

The cast of "Awkward" are currently in transit to the MTV Movie Awards...and lucky for us, they're letting their social media followers in on all the excitement. Beau Mirchoff kicked off a photographic extravaganza by showcasing his gigantic new watch (yes, there is a magazine about watches, apparently.) However, Jillian Rose Reed one-upped Beau's car shot by posing with boyfriend Marty Shannon for a pic that rivals the best of prom memories. Let's just hope she takes a whole bunch of bestie selfies with Molly Tarlov, who says we *might* see her. Don't tease us, Molls!

Nikki Deloach and Desi Lydic showcased their beautiful smiles from the backseat of their vehicle, and finally, Brett Davern jumped on the "Awkward" photo caravan by gracing us with a view of his driver. Way to keep the mystery alive, guy!


So, Beau... is it true what they say about big watches?


Reason no. 157 why we love JRR: She doesn't conform to car selfies!


Desi and Nikki sport identical smiles from the backseat.


"Since everyone else is taking pics in the car on the way to the MTV Movie Awards..."

 Photos courtesy of @NikkiDeloach, Beau_Mirchoff, @BDavv and  @JillianRoseReed