MTV Movie Awards Pre-Show Host Tyler Posey Is A Kid In A Candy Store [Photos]


"Life rocks so hward! #movieawards," Tyler captioned this Instagram pic.

MTV is getting so much more than we bargained for -- in the best way possible -- by signing Tyler Posey up to co-host Sunday night's MTV Movie Awards pre-show. All day long, the "Teen Wolf" star -- who by now you know as a total jokester -- has been documenting his many adventures during event rehearsals, and we've gathered just a small sampling of the tweets and Instagram pics he's posted so far. From a proud selfie snapped in front of his trailer (just look at that mischievous grin!) to a glimpse of his backstage food requirements (better pop a few Zantac tablets before showtime, guy), TyPo is surely getting pumped for his big gig -- and so are we! Take a look at some of his social media musings, and make sure to tune in tomorrow night at 8:30/7:30c to watch him chat up loads of celebs.

"I actually require wings, Oreos and milk where ever I go #movieawards," Tyler wrote on Instagram.