#FandomFriday: 'Real World' Viewers Honor Thomas And Jamie's Relationship Through Art...And Tadpoles

Sure, art is subjective, but as far as we’re concerned, y’all’s work could brighten up the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Each week, we’re diving head-first into the Internet abyss to track down some of the best fan-made creations we can find, and if there’s something you’d like to submit on your own, tweet @MTVShowBlog using the hashtag #FandomFriday. Give us what ya got, future Warhols of the world!


Jamie and Thomas' "Real World" relationship didn't always go swimmingly, but one show fan happens to think the former housemates are definitely each other's lobsters...or tadpoles, at least. @SAMateurhour tweeted that she named her new aquatic pets after the lovebirds, who confirmed they're still together during Wednesday's reunion, and we can't think of a more unique way to celebrate the couple.


@Sudzinani, a designer, supported the pair through a very cool and colorful sketch. Props to her artistic chops!

Jamie and Thomas might be off the air for the time being, but let's hope they have a future "Challenge" outing in 'em. Long live Jhomas!