Watch The Sweetest 'Teen Mom 2' Tot Moments From Season 5

Tonight we closed the chapter on yet another season of "Teen Mom 2" — and, man, was it an emotional roller coaster, or what? Yet while there was tons of drama for each young mother throughout every episode, there were plenty of heartwarming moments as well. BECAUSE THEIR KIDS ARE ADORABLE. Here, the tot-starring scenes that made us "awwww" the loudest.

Isaac Wins The Award For Best Groomsman EVER: Our eyes are still puffy from watching Kailyn tie the knot with the man of her dreams, Javi. The tender moment that kicked our waterworks into full gear? When Isaac, dressed impeccably in a teeny-tiny tux, made his mama tear up right before her walk down the aisle. “You’re making me so happy,” Kail told her son, after he asked what happened to her eyes. Same went for us.

Aubree Meets Her New Half-Sister, Paislee: For the 4-year-old fashionista, it was love at first sight. While Chelsea wasn't stoked on Adam having a child with his girlfriend, Taylor, she couldn't — nor did she want to — stop her daughter from getting to know her sibling. "I'm your big sister," the little girl said upon meeting the newborn for the first time. Though the baby was asleep for most of the hang sesh, when she did open her peepers for a quick sec, Aubree greeted her with a friendly, "Hi Paislee!"

Jace Is Excited To Be A Big Brother: Jenelle experienced many ups and downs this season, but one of the happiest moments for her was when she got to sit down with her son, Jace, and share that he was going to be a big brother. Understandably excited, Jace couldn't wait to teach the baby all sorts of things. First up? "How to wipe," he said, giggling. All you, kid!

Aliannah Goes Exploring In Her New Wheelchair: Though Leah and Corey really struggled with daughter Ali's medical diagnosis this season, one thing they both could agree on was how happy the little girl seemed when she took to her wheelchair. No parent wishes for their child to be born with limitations, but there was a certain peace that came with Leah watching Ali finally experience the freedom of unhindered mobility.

Aleeah Cheers Her Way Into Our Hearts: We may have found the next star in the "Bring It On" franchise with Aleeah, the 4-year-old firecracker. Always a ball of energy, Gracie, as her mom calls her, was able to put her non-stop pep to good use by channeling it into a cheer. Sure, it might've taken her a minute to focus, but the girl's got spirit. How about you? (Heh)

Kids... They grow up so fast. What was your favorite "Teen Mom 2" tot moment of Season 5? Leave it in the comments!