Vote For The Biggest WTF Moment In 'Challenge' History!

In any "Challenge," there's good, there's bad and there's that which can only be described as "WTF." Sometimes, things just go completely off the rails, and whether said bizarre s**t happens on the battlefield or unfolds back at the cast's house, it's often more spellbinding than the game play itself.

Now that "Free Agents" is in full swing, we're asking fans to help us choose the greatest WTF moment to have ever come from the series. Take a look back at five worthy nominees, cast your vote and be sure to see which viewers deem more riveting than the rest on MTV’s “ChallengeMania: Super Fan Edition” May 29 at 11/10c, right after “Free Agents.”

Shauvon Pops, "The Ruins"

Shauvon, bless her heart, was determined to successfully complete the "Swing on By" mission for her Challenger team, but when she set off on the suspended rope, she immediately plummeted into the water. After chest pain began to set in, she was sure she'd popped her implant, and had to be rushed to the hospital by an ambulance.

Laurel vs. Big Easy, “Cutthroat

For all the throwdowns and melees the "Challenge" competitors have cooked up, Laurel's lashing out at Big Easy remains the most uncomfortable of them all. Eric was simply passing by the jacuzzi one night when an intoxicated Laurel began to dig into him, and even though he kept his cool, she wouldn't relent. After the season ended, Laurel showed teary remorse, but Big E wasn't buying it.

CT Returns, "Cutthroat"

With the finals just around the corner, Johnny was poised to bring home a win for Team Blue. But when Bananas stepped up to the Gulag, TJ threw him for a loop by introducing CT -- who wasn't even part of the cast -- as his opponent.

Camila Undergoes a Cameltdown, "Battle of the Exes"

Still a bit stuck on her ex, Johnny, Camila lost her cool one night when she felt him giving her the cold shoulder. After knocking over a few houseplants, screaming "You're gonna die!" and whipping wicker chairs into the ground, Camila concluded her tour de force by walking straight into the pool.

Ketchup Sends Jemmye into a Tailspin, "Rivals II"

Pranking is a watermark of any "Challenge" experience, but when Knight played with Jemmye's biggest fear, he got burned. Jemmye, who has a huge phobia of ketchup, was caught off guard when Knight doused her with the condiment, and when he wouldn't apologize, she completely flipped out.

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