MTV Twitter Roundup: Chet Posts Close-Up Proof Of His Need To Quit 'Free Agents'


"God bless the USA and my specialized surgeon. Uruguay (left) USA (right)," Chet tweeted with this side-by-side comparison.

Chet wound up on the receiving end of some serious shade after forfeiting the first elimination on last night's "Free Agents" premiereFrank dealt the vet a nasty chin gash (we swear we saw bone!), and rather than risk further injury, the "Real World: Brooklyn" alum threw in the towel. His competitors saw the move as a cop out, but when Chet posted a close-up pic of his injury after the episode with the caption, "Definitely the right choice," fans got the point. That's some Frankenstein stuff!

Elsewhere on Twitter this week, Arielle of "Real World: Ex-Plosion" apologized to former housemate Jenny for upsetting her on the season's reunion special, but Nicole Byer of "Girl Code" felt no remorse for snoring through a cross-country flight. And though Latoya admitted she should have seen Swift's "Free Agents" attack coming, Jillian Rose Reed of "Awkward" was completely caught off guard by some of her new domestic pursuits.

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Photo courtesy of @Chet_Cannon