Does The Draw Mean 'Free Agents' Is Anyone's Game For The Taking?


When we first released the "Free Agents" trailer, which declared the season to be an every-man-for-himself contest, "Challenge" fans knew they were in for a whole different ballgame, but on tonight's premiere, the message really sunk in. During the episode, half of the players (minus LaToya and Chet, who'd already been voted into the elimination round) were sent to The Draw, which chooses a guy and a girl for head-to-head competitions at random, and, as if to prove it was merciless, it decided on two of last season's heaviest hitters.

Frank and Jemmye, who both made it to the "Rivals II" finale, were immediately sent into battle without warning after they selected the dreaded skull emblems, and their shock was palpable. "It sucks to draw the kill card right here and be thrown into elimination without any prep," Frank noted while he geared up.

In spite of Frank's anxiety, he managed to pull out a win after dealing Chet a nasty chin gash and inciting him to forfeit. Jemmye, on the other hand, was sent packing after a commanding performance by rookie LaToya, and even though Jemmye was so close to the championship cash last season, she became one of the first two "Free Agent" casualties.

Having seen the way the game works, and how anyone can wind up on the chopping block, do you think we're in for some surprises this season? Could even the game's weakest players have the potential to skate through until the end? Weigh in with your reactions to the premiere!

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