Vote For The Most Intense Fight In 'Challenge' History!

When there's mucho dinero on the line, and the slightest slip-up can send you home from a "Challenge," diplomacy has a tendency to run thin. Since the game kicked off years ago, competitors have unleashed some pretty remarkable rage when they've reached their breaking points, and whether that amounted to venomous words or flying fists, some battles left the living quarters in shambles.

Spawning lines like "I will smash his head and eat it!" and "Laugh, you f***ing whore! Laugh!" some of the show's rumbles put the "Hunger Games" trilogy to shame. Take a look back at five of the most memorable skirmishes, vote for the one you think was the most intense and see which comes out on top during MTV's "ChallengeMania: Super Fan Edition” on May 29 at 11/10c, right after “Free Agents.”

CT vs. Adam, "Duel II"

When CT got the impression that Adam was gossiping about his rumored hookup with Shauvon, he confronted his rival, and when Adam wouldn't admit to any wrongdoing, CT let his paws do the talking. The fight was bloodier than a horror film and ultimately got both guys -- who each needed medical attention -- eliminated.

Laurel vs. Big Easy, "Cuthroat"

Conceivably the strangest quarrel the "Challenge" has ever seen, an intoxicated Laurel lashed out at Eric one night after he approached the jacuzzi and...wait, nope, that's it. Laurel called Eric "fat" and "ugly," and none of her hot tub company was quite sure why. Big Easy's a tough guy, but the insults devastated him.

Katie vs. Veronica, "The Inferno"

After winning the competition's final elimination round and securing her spot in the final mission, Katie should have been all smiles. Alas, she had a score to settle with V, who'd been throwing missions in an effort to get Katie sent home, and when Katie overheard Veronica talking smack under her breath, she lashed out in one of the show's very first big blowups.

Frank vs. Dustin and Nany, "Battle of the Seasons"

Frank felt determined to ditch his "Hurricane" reputation from "Real World," but that went out the window when Nany accused him of being a fair-weather friend. Soon, with a football field-sized space in between them, the former pals started lobbing verbal bombs at each other. When Frank brought Nany's family issues into the conversation, Dustin hopped into battle beside her, bringing things to DEFCON 1.

Anastasia vs. CT, "Rivals II"

Ana quickly fell for CT's charms toward the beginning of "Rivals II," but when she heard that he was denying claims that they had hooked up and calling Ana a liar behind her back, she snapped. Soon, her words turned into high-kicks, and though CT is known for his strength, it's safe to say this round went to the "Real World: Portland" alum.

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