Vote For The Hottest Hookup In 'Challenge' History!

There's no doubting the heat of the "Challenge" competitions, but in many cases, the real fire gets sparked off the field. Across 24 seasons of the show, cast members have taken to hot tubs, hallways and even the roof (we'll never forget you, "Duel II"...) for a little lovin', and really, who could blame 'em? When the game gets as intense as it does, wouldn't YOU turn to some hanky-panky as a coping mechanism?

While we continue to count up your picks for all-time male MVP and female MVP, we've got to know: Which hookup was the hottest? Take a look back at some of the steamiest, most beautiful and oddest connections below, cast your vote and see which reigns supreme during the "ChallengeMania: Super Fan Edition" on May 29 at 11/10c, right after "Free Agents."

CT and Diem, "The Duel"

CT's a bit infamous for his brutish behavior, but on "The Duel," he morphed into Prince Charming (at least for a little while...). While Diem was struggling to come to terms with her short hair -- a result of cancer and chemotherapy -- CT made her feel empowered and beautiful with his kind words, and the couple's first kiss over a picturesque Brazilian beachside was simply perfect.

Abram and Cara Maria, "Cutthroat"

You thought Brigitte Nielsen and Flavor Flav made for strange love? Clearly, you didn't see these two on "Cutthroat," where their bizarre foreplay had most of the house concerned. Haters are gonna hate, but Abram and Cara might just have the last laugh, as CM announced in February on Instagram that she moved from Boston to Montana to be with Abram.

Rachel, Veronica and Abram, "The Gauntlet"

Let's all take a trip through memory lane, shall we? After Abram was eliminated about halfway through the game, his teammates, Rachel and Veronica, decided to take pity on him and incite the threesome of all threesomes. Things got so steamy (literally), you could have re-written the Declaration of Independence on the shower wall.

Leroy and Theresa, "Rivals II"

Poor Wes. The guy was just trying to get a little shut-eye when he was awoken by the sounds of Leroy and Theresa getting down in the bunk above. Things seemed to go well for Leroy and T in the immediate aftermath of their tryst...that is, until Theresa's "throwaway vote" for Leroy turned out to be his sentencing to The Jungle. Romance ain't what it used to be... 

Big Easy and Devyn, "Battle Of The Seasons"

Though Devyn struggled to keep up with Big Easy's exercise routine on "BOTS," the odd couple was completely in sync about a mutual attraction. We only recently discovered that D and E's affair included nude room service, and there's a very good chance that might shoot them to the top of the list. Long live an egg sandwich and a handful of muesli in the buff!

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