On The Come Up: When Shalyah Evans Was Santa's Little Helper

MTV2's new series, "Jobs That Don't Suck," follows young men and women around the country who've hit the career lottery, and the cast members of "Girl Code" and "Guy Code" can surely relate. However, fame and fortune weren't always their reality. The truth is, EVERYBODY's gotta pay their dues, which is why we're walking down memory lane each Wednesday to share some of the gang's not-so-glamorous past gigs -- check out this week's "On the Come Up" spotlight:


Shalyah Evans is a living doll!

Between her long golden locks and "Let It Go" spoof, Shalyah Evans has undoubtedly made her mark as the "Girl Code" cast's unofficial Disney princess. The honor wasn't something she just developed overnight, though -- it's been years in the making, folks.

When we asked Shalyah to share with us one of her first jobs ever for "On the Come Up," the bubbly comedienne confessed that before she made it big, she accepted a gig that involved wearing a sparkly, red dress in the dead of winter and sitting on an old man's lap. "I was one of Santa's helpers (affectionately called "Santa Sluts") in a parade," Shalyah said. Her main duties? The "Code" cutie not only handed out dolls, but she also had to look like one while doing it. "My friend told me she definitely had a Barbie with the same outfit when she was little, so thanks to eBay I have this picture of me with my doppelgänger," she remarked of the photo above. Anyone else think Shalyah could have also landed the role of the fifth "Mean Girl"?

Check out more of Shalyah during two new episodes of "Girl Code" April 19 on MTV. Plus, don't miss the premiere of "Jobs That Don't Suck" April 16 at 11:30/10:30c on MTV2!

Photo: Courtesy of Shalyah Evans

GIF: weheartit.com