Little Aubree Houska Could Be The Next Big Street Artist! [Photos]

Aubree chalk

Chalk up Aubree's artistic flair to her equally creative mom, Chelsea.

Just when we thought Aubree Houska had zero room left on her plate for more extra-curricular activities, here she is showcasing a new creative talent: tagging up the streets! Yesterday, Aubree's mother, Chelsea, posted these cute pics to Instagram of the "Teen Mom 2" tot tapping into her artistic side, and it looks like the stylish 4-year-old could be the next Banksy one day. (When she's not busy running her own fashion empire and starring in "The Nutcracker," of course.)

Aubree took to her 'hood with some hot-pink chalk in hand — and matching sunglasses on her sweet little face — to leave her mark, and we have to say, the kid's got spectacular penmanship. Add it to her long list of skills! So far on Season 5 of "Teen Mom 2," we've seen Aubs explore her desire to dance by busting a move in ballet and jazz classes, and we also learned she has serious singing chops, but it's exciting to learn that she's not afraid to put the mic down and tutu aside to try some edgier endeavors. Props to the little lady's mama for keeping her so engaged!

Aubree tag

Move over, Mr. Brainwash.

Photos: Chelsea Houska's Instagram