'House Of Food' Poll: Did Suki Deserve To Win The Tortellini Challenge?


We're only one episode in to MTV's "House of Food" competition, and the kitchen's already overheated -- mainly due to the antics of a single person.

Suki's fellow amateur cooks were shocked when she won the tortellini challenge during the premiere, allowing her the opportunity to shadow Chef Brendan. The self-proclaimed diva may have wowed the judges with her spicy "peanut-butter stew," but at first glance, her made-from-scratch pasta dish left much to be desired. We watched the West Africa native fumble her way through dry pasta dough and admit to a broken butter sauce, yet the judges still dubbed her tortellini "well-balanced," despite the "atrocious" sauce.

Suki ultimately nabbed the coveted title of Executive Chef, but what about Amanda, with her delicious filling? Or Lorena, who claimed her dish to be "as good as Chef Brendan's"? And most importantly, WHAT ABOUT KARMA?! Not only did Suki all but demand the master bedroom upon arrival, she also insulted Brian's Asian heritage...and pretty much everyone else in the house.

Yet something in the sassy young chef impressed the judges, which especially baffled Brian, who challenged their final decision (and consequently got chastised by the trio for insubordination). Suki wasn't phased by Brian's objection in the slightest, as she was already long gone on her power trip, using her personal vendetta against Gillian to put the pastry pro in the not-so-glamorous position of Dishwasher. Talk about karma...

Only time will tell whether Suki's cooking skills are consistent; regardless, she's certainly proved herself to be a take-no-s**t contender.

+ Do you think the judges crowned the right person with the tortellini tiara? Vote in our poll, and tune in to a new episode of "House of Food" tonight at 10/9c!

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