'Teen Mom 2' Poll: Is Leah Being Too Hard On Jeremy?


Throughout Season 5 of "Teen Mom 2," we've watched Leah struggle to find an effective way to communicate with her husband, Jeremy, who seems to prefer avoidance — or a good, old-fashioned bacon fight — over discussing his feelings. Determined not to let her second marriage fail, Leah has continued to push counseling as a possible solution to their issues, but Jeremy hasn't seen the point.

In the last episode, after arguing with Jeremy about him choosing work over his family, Leah completely broke down while confiding in her friend, Kayla. "In all honesty, I feel like his job is more important than us," Leah admitted, crying. "And now he's telling me he's going to file for divorce."

"That's shouldn't even be an option," Kayla said. "I don't understand why he's giving up so easy."

After learning from the mistakes she made with her first husband, Cory, Leah seems determined not to throw in the towel so easily. However, is she being unreasonable with her demands of Jeremy?

According to the comments on the "Teen Mom 2" Facebook page, the jury is split. Lots of viewers seem disappointed by Jeremy being so quick to detach from his family, yet some fans see his absence as an opportunity for Leah to step up and embrace her independence.

+ What are your thoughts on Leah and Jeremy's situation? Check out this video of them talking about marriage counseling, then share your opinion in the poll and comments section.

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