Jasmine’s ‘Challenge’ Confession: One Time I Got Drunk And Tried To Flee Thailand

When Jasmine of “The Challenge” is drunk and emotional, she breaks mirrors. When Jasmine of “The Challenge” is very drunk and emotional, she becomes Christopher Columbus. The competitor known for her inebriated aggression has always done exactly what she wants to do, and during “Rivals II,” her wild independence convinced her to get up, put on her running shoes and try to skip town as quickly as she could. Unlike Dustin, though, it wasn’t a Big Mac she was after…

“[I] was being typical emotional Jasmine, so I decided to explore Thailand,” theĀ “Free Agent” cast member says in today’s “Challenge Confessions” clip. “I ran away from the house and tried to hitchhike up a road, [not] realizing that, first, it’s Thailand at two in the morning, and there’s no cars anywhere.” Jasmine explains she then proceeded to knock on the neighboring house’s door, but when no one answered and it looked like her adventure would never really take shape, she decided to pack in her dreams and walk home. Sad times…

Hear Jasmine’s full tale, watch more “Challenge Confessions” and tune in to the “Free Agents” premiere next Thursday, April 10 at 10/9c!

Photo: Ian Spanier

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