See This 'Ridiculousness' Season Out With A Countdown Of Fan-Favorite Reels!


There's absurdity, there's tomfoolery and then there's straight up "Ridiculousness." Since 2011, stuntman/goofball Rob Dyrdek and his pals, Steelo Brim and Chanel West Coast, have sorted through the Internet's most cackle-inducing clips to bring you themed reels teeming with wipeouts and nut-shots, and tonight's Season 4 finale stands to offer some of the best stuff yet.

Before the Red Couch Crew says goodbye for awhile, we're honoring their hard work by counting down Facebook fans' favorite reels. Here's what YOU voted as the Top 5.

5) "Fear Face" -- Ever seen a ghost? The folks in this clip might as well have seen 10. The scaredy cats lose their sh** over roller coasters, loud noises and...maybe a pair of cutoff shorts? Suffice it to say, they'll be easy targets on Halloween.

4) "Your Friend's a D***" -- There's the friend you can count on to have your back, and then, there's the friend who'll swing at your junk with a Wiffle ball bat. The jokesters featured here might leave you bruised and battered, but at least they'll give you a laugh along the way.

3) "Redneck Good Times" -- What to do when you're feeling bored? Well, if you qualify as a "Ridiculousness" redneck, passing the time is as easy as standing between two cars and lighting a firecracker into your nether-regions. Guess it beats a third game of Connect Four...?

2) "Scorpions" -- Spills and tumbles are never comfortable, but in this reel, people hit the ground so powerfully that their legs catapult upward behind their backs and nearly hit their heads. Goes to show...wearing a helmet is never really a bad idea!

1) "Popcorned" -- Even Rob couldn't deny that these video tidbits were his favorites from the series. Let's not over-complicate things -- it's people sitting on airbags that pop. Grab some butter and enjoy!