The 'Oculus' Mirror Has Got It In For Holland Roden...What Will It Make Her Do?


Holland Roden has survived attacks by a bestiary's worth of mythical creatures on "Teen Wolf," but will a piece of antique furniture finally finish her off? In the upcoming flick, "Oculus," which hits theaters on April 11, a woman is sure that dark spirits that live in a mirror are responsible for the murders of some of her family members. When Holland comes into contact with the very same heirloom in the video below, it possesses her completely...and it just so happens you have a say in what it'll make her do.

For the next week, depending on how you'd like to see Holland go down, you can tweet #ChokerChokeHer to leave her breathless, or #LipStickStab to thrust her into a dicier situation (find out which gruesome method has the lead on Then, on April 10, the piece of reflective glass will fully take over, and you'll get to see which morbid fate Holland ultimately meets. Any chance she can channel Lydia Martin's banshee screams to save herself?!

Watch the video, cast your vote on Twitter and be sure to see "Oculus" when it hits theaters April 11!