Jillian Rose Reed's Guilty Pleasures: 'The Real Housewives,' Pinterest & Popcorn Cupcakes


"Awkward"s Jillian Rose Reed kicks it at home with Zooey Magazine.

"Awkward" star Jillian Rose Reed recently opened her home to the good people at Zooey Magazine and it turns out our favorite fast-talking redhead is a regular Martha Stewart. Her pad is D-O-P-E! (Hey, JRR, if you're looking for a roomie, we can totally move in whenevs. Mkthxbye.)

With digs like this, it's no wonder Jillian does a lot of entertaining (we know where co-stars Molly Tarlov and Ashley Rickards will be headed for their next slumber party), which includes baking up a storm for her guests, she tells the mag. Her specialty? Vanilla cupcakes with "popcorn" frosting. New rom-com marathon snack, anyone?


Popcorn cupcakes? Sounds like the perfect mix of sweet 'n' salty.

In addition to being a regular Cake Boss, JRR is obsessed with crafting, and gets most of her ideas online. "Last Halloween I threw an entire DIY Halloween party with tips and tricks from Pinterest!" she shares. However, after a hard day's work on set, there's only one thing she has on her mind: "The Real Housewives"… and maybe spending some QT with her favorite fur-ball, Quincy.


Hey, JRR, when you get a sec, can you come decorate our apt, too?

"I can’t lie, when I get home I usually find myself watching Bravo," Jillian admits. "I love all of the housewives!"

It's okay, girl. We support your choices! As long as you prefer the ladies of Bev Hills over Orange County...

Start gathering your ingredients, people, because JRR's cinematic confections will be the perfect treat for your "Awkward" Season 4 premiere party on Tuesday, April 15 at 10/9c.

Photos: Jessica Castro for Zooey Magazine