'Catfish' Season 3 Will Explore Beyond The Average Twisted Tales Of Online Love [Trailer]


Ever since a young woman named Sunny discovered her online boyfriend, Jamison, was actually an 18-year-old high school student named Chelsea, "Catfish" has dealt -- for better or worse -- with stories that stem from love and romance, but when the show returns for its third season on Wednesday, May 7 at 10/9, Nev and Max will sort through more than just matters of the heart. This time around, the deceit will know no bounds.

In the trailer below, which we've split into a series of sharable GIFs, the Internet sleuths meet a number of young people who are dealing with cyberbullying, shady money exchanges and even a potentially dead third party. The tales vary, but the tears and looks of fear are familiar, and one thing you can count on that won't change a lick is the notion that anyone with a World Wide Web connection can do some real damage. "This is the kind of scum that gives the Internet a bad name," Max says in one particularly tough moment.

Watch the video, share your reactions and be sure to tune in to the premiere next month!