It's Mike 'The Situation''s Family's Turn To Shine In 'The Sorrentinos'

The Situation

Sitch is back, and his six-pack is more sculpted than ever.

Looks like we've got another "Situation" on our hands, folks. Details have finally emerged about Mike Sorrentino's new reality TV series, "The Sorrentinos," and we're sufficiently intrigued. Though once known best for his R-rated acronyms and wild partying, the former "Jersey Shore" standout insists that this show, which will air on the TV Guide Network, will be more family-friendly -- especially since his co-stars include mom Linda, sister Melissa and brothers Marc and Frank.


Having good hair is now a family affair.

Based on the teaser released by, "The Sorrentinos" is sure to be packed with equal parts love, sibling rivalry and catchy one-liners, but Mike won't be the only one coining funny phrases. In fact, dude better watch out, because both his older brothers -- Frank, who has always longed for the spotlight, and Marc, who refers to himself as "The Man" -- are bound to make a lasting impression. ("The Man," for instance, just so happens to have his own portrait tattooed on his arm.)

Then there's sister Melissa, who appears to be the high-heeled glue keeping the gang together, at least when it comes to all the inter-sibling communication. "I don't even like any of the family members speaking to me," "The Man" explains. "I want them to speak to Melissa, and Melissa can relay it to me." Sounds like Mike's got the best of both worlds with a sis who doubles as a personal assistant...


The secret to "The Man"'s success? "You've gotta have muscles." Well, duh.

According to EW, production on the eight-episode series begins next week, though a premiere date has yet to be set. We'll be sure to keep you posted as more news is released, but in the meantime, check out the pilot's sizzle reel for a taste of "The Sorrentinos."

Photos: Mike Sorrentino's Instagram, TV Guide Network