Nikki Deloach Shares How Motherhood Deepened Her 'Awkward.' Acting Role [Video]


As far as TV moms go, Lacey Hamilton is in a league all her own: Ever since she encouraged her daughter, Jenna, to get a boob job way back on "Awkward" Season 1, she's proven to be the anti-June Cleaver. Yet in spite of her...unorthodox...approach to parenting, there's no doubt that Lacey would do anything for Jenna, especially now that the actress who plays the sexy mama, Nikki Deloach, is walking in the same shoes.

Nikki, who gave birth to her first child last October, tells us in the video below that having a son helped her understand Lacey and Jenna's connection more clearly. "It just deepens everything, because whereas before I could imagine what it felt like to be Jenna's being a mom, I know what that really feels like," Nikki says, adding that having a child has changed her on a "guttural level."

Last year, in the final days of her pregnancy, Nikki predicted during an MTV Shows Blog interview that she'd learn a completely new type of love as a mother, and it seems she was right on the money. "Moving forward, having a kid is only going to enhance all of my acting in all types of ways because I’ll be feeling things I’ve never felt before," she told us.

Listen to Mama Deloach explain her new perspective on Lacey, and hold tight for the Season 4 premiere of "Awkward" on Tuesday, April 15 at 10/9c!