Hats Off To 'Teen Mom 2' Grandma Babs Evans, Who's 'Still Hot'…Literally

Barb DLR hat

"Teen Mom 2" matriarch Barbara Evans is still sizzling hot.

On this — and practically every other — season of "Teen Mom 2," we've watched Jenelle Evans continuously butt heads with her mom, Barbara. No matter what the topic of discussion, the two can't seem to find common ground. However, now that Jenelle's working on putting her wild streak behind her and she's got a good man in her life, Barbara seems to be more supportive of her daughter's choices — at least slightly. Dare we say, there's even a friendship developing between the ladies.

As the pair continue to strengthen their relationship, it's good to see them able to put their differences aside and have a laugh once in a while. For example, this past weekend the entire Evans clan, along with Nathan, visited Dick's Last Resort, a restaurant notorious for humiliating its patrons. Jenelle captured the entire evening on her Instagram, including the above shot of Babs wearing a paper hat with the inscription, "I'm still hot. It just comes in flashes." We can totally attest to the first part being true, as illustrated on her recent Vogue magazine cover.

No one was safe from the wrath of the paper hat, though — not even little Jace. Apparently, nothing brings families together more than a rude waitstaff and giant headgear. We nominate a new franchise slogan!

Jenelle DLR hat

"The door is open, lights R on… Nobody's home."

Jenelle DLR hats

The family who wears paper hats together stays together.

Photos: Jenelle Evan's Instagram