Which 'Free Agent' Has Our Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament On Lock?


If you dread the day each year when March Madness comes to a close, fear not -- your talent for bracketology won't go to waste in April. To celebrate the 25th "Challenge" season, "Free Agents," MTV has strung together the highest-stakes contest we could think of -- a cast-wide ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS TOURNAMENT (we're not kidding around...) -- and the fan whose choices rack up the most points will win one hell of a handsome reward: a trip for two to the show's reunion.

To enter, head over to challengetourney.com/bracket, where you can register with your Facebook account or email address and make your picks for five rounds' worth of match-ups. Each new round's battles will be worth more points than the last, and when one ultimate RPS victor is finally named after the May 5th championship, the bracket competition will officially have its winner, too. But remember, you've gotta have your tournament card filled out before the game officially kicks off on April 14 at noon.

Take a look at this video breakdown, featuring "Teen Wolf After After Show" host Morgan Evans, be sure to fill out your bracket soon and check back with the site once the tourney gets underway to see how your selections are faring!