That's What You Said...About Kailyn And Javi's 'Teen Mom 2' Wedding

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Considering the rocky road Kailyn has traveled across five seasons of "Teen Mom 2," it was especially nice to see her so overjoyed on Tuesday's episode, in which she and Javi said "I do" during her dream wedding. As if the bride's and groom's vows weren't sweet enough, Isaac's role in walking his mother down the aisle struck a particular chord in us, and before we knew it, we were in full happy-hysterics.

Fans of the show, it seems, were similarly overwhelmed by the beauty of the ceremony. Take a look at what some had to say on the MTV Shows Blog and Facebook, and watch Kail and Javi reminisce on the big day in this week's "Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment."

"This was such a great wedding! Kailyn, you looked so beautiful. I just got married and I know how much planning goes into that day and the ceremony. You two are a great couple and your vows were so heartfelt and kind!" -- Kate

"'Are you happy, Mommy?' melted my heart and I cried!" -- Britt L.

"I am so very proud of Kailyn! She has done this without the help of her parents or grandparents! Such a sweet little family!" -- Diana H.

"Javi's vows were beautiful! So happy for the both of you." -- Zoraya

"Javi is a great father figure for Isaac. I'm glad to see Kailyn happy with a man that loves her and Isaac. And I'm happy that Kailyn and Javi had a baby with one another." -- Tiffany G.

"It was beautiful and Issac is such a sensitive lil' kid -- that speaks to Kail's excellent parenting. I loved the wedding and the shoe." -- Lanie P.