#FandomFriday: Gregg Sulkin Inspires 'Faking It' Premiere Art

Sure, art is subjective, but as far as we’re concerned, y’all’s work could brighten up the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel. Each week, we’re diving head-first into the Internet abyss to track down some of the best fan-made creations we can find, and if there’s something you’d like to submit on your own, tweet @MTVShowBlog using the hashtag #FandomFriday. Give us what ya got, future Warhols of the world!


If you're running for class president or trying to sell tickets to the high school dance, you cover every bit of hall space with posters, so why not extend the same strategy online when there's a new, very AWESOME series premiere in store? As the first episode of MTV's "Faking It" approaches (April 22 and 10:30/9:30c, in case you've forgotten), the show's resident heartthrob, Gregg Sulkin, has encouraged his Twitter followers to spread the word via homemade banners, and the many pieces of #FakingItWithGregg art that have so far been created -- like the one above from @TheSchmidtLover -- put our old prom flyers to shame! Here are just a few of the designs currently being circulated across social media.


@ShamaJaiGirder's virtual poster looks like something straight out of New York City's '70s punk scene!


@NormanIsCute showed merit in the simple approach, letting the "Faking It" title -- and two pics of Mr. Sulkin-- do the real talkin'.

+ Which piece has you most pumped for the premiere? Tell us your favorite, and make your own using the hashtag #FakingItWithGregg!