'Teen Mom 2' Sneak Peek: Jenelle Tells Jace He's Going To Be A Big Brother


Many "Teen Mom 2" fans were shocked when Jenelle Evans announced her plans to have another baby only two months after getting together with her boyfriend, Nathan. However, throughout this season, we've seen the couple's relationship strengthen through both good and bad times. No matter what the trouble -- jail time, family arguments, ex-husband drama -- Nathan has remained Jenelle's (really handsome) rock. Plus, seeing the way he's bonded with her son, Jace, he's proven himself capable of stepping up as a father.

In the sneak peek of Tuesday's new episode below, Jenelle tells Jace that he's going to be a big brother by showing him her sonogram. "This is a picture of a baby in mommy's tummy," she says.

While Jace says he's excited, he's naturally a wee bit confused about the baby's location. After Jenelle explains that it's still really small, but it's definitely in her belly, Jace asks if he can carry it. Mom assures him that as soon as the child is born, Jace can carry him all he wants, and then answers more of the tot's curiosities about her pregnancy, including how the baby is getting its grub. "He eats my food, so whatever I eat, he eats," she tells him. It's not often that we see Jenelle alone with Jace, and the gentle moment serves as proof that she's truly developed her motherly instincts.

As for what knowledge he'll pass on to his younger sibling one day, Jace says, sweetly, "I'll teach him to do everything." Hey, if he needs any help, he can always get advice from Kailyn's son, Isaac, who's now a big bro professional.

Tune in Tuesday at 10/9c to see how the rest of Jenelle's inner circle reacts to her pregnancy.