MTV Twitter Roundup: Did Simone And Shanley Of 'Are You The One?' Kiss And Make Up?


Simone, Jessica and Shanley: Three's company?

It wasn't the threat of tsunamis or active volcanoes that had the "Are You the One?" daters concerned for their safety in Hawaii -- it was two of the cast's most hotheaded ladies, Shanley and Simone. The sassy singles nearly incited an earthquake when they went to war after the house voted Chris T. and Paige into the Truth Booth, but it seems -- based on the girls' recent tweets -- that they've since become...friends? "Started from the we HERE! Love u @shandathapanda && @mtvjessicaperez," Simone wrote, while Shanley responded, "@SimoneKelly_ @MTVJessicaPerez Love maaah OG bad betches." Who knew you could bury a two-ton hatchet! Maybe they had a come-to-Jesus moment at the reunion taping? We'll have to see next Tuesday night!

Elsewhere on Twitter this week, Spencer Pratt wholeheartedly endorsed April's controversial, Kimye-covered Vogue issue, but Ashleigh was quick to dismiss Brittany's "Are You the One?" haters. And though their former housemate, Ryan, said the "Teen Wolf" finale made his buddy Adam cry, Ronnie of "Jersey Shore" could only laugh at his memory of "The Three Stooges."

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Photo courtesy of @simonekelly