What's In Jenny's Bag? Sammies And Hot Dogs For The 'Real World' Gal On The Go!


Any girl on the go knows a carefully packed purse is crucial to a successful daily routine. Cosmetics, sunglasses, protein bars: all essential items for a woman juggling a hectic schedule. But Jenny of "Real World: Ex-Plosion" is privy to a major handbag secret, and she's ready to share! Are you ready? Lean in a little bit closer. Here goes: They also double as great lunch bags.

Yes, whether the day calls for a week-old hot dog or a deli fresh sub sandwich, Jenny has proven during her stay in San Francisco that pork products and toasted bread are just as deserving of pocketbook space as that half-empty Tic Tac container or Mac lip gloss. Some people think scented Wet-Naps or hand sanitizer are the keys to preparedness, but Jenny stays out on the town for hours on end, and her stomach never lets out a single trace of a growl. Can you say the same?