'Teen Mom 2' Bonus Scene: Kail And Javi Practice 'The Kiss' At Their Wedding Rehearsal


If you happened to catch Kailyn's long-awaited walk down the aisle in the latest episode of "Teen Mom 2," then your eyes are probably still puffy from crying happy tears for her and Javi. (Our home remedy: Place one cold spoon, curve-side down, on each eye.) Kail's road as a young parent has been paved with many bumps, and seeing her so blissed out gave us an overwhelming case of The Feels. For all of the wedding-planning stress, everything was smooth sailing when the Big Day came, and the guests seemed to have a blast -- especially little Isaac, who boogied the night away at the reception. (Have we located the star for "Step Up: The Next Generation"?)

Kail's wedding was a weekend-long affair, so there's obviously a ton we didn't get to see, but you can catch a glimpse of the ceremony rehearsal in this bonus scene from the episode. Dressed in casual loungewear, the bride and groom map out the logistics with their officiant, Donna, who encourages the couple to practice "the kiss." Javi is definitely down for an excuse to smooch, but Kail -- never one for PDA -- gets nervous and pulls away at first. Eventually she gives in, planting a cute peck on her husby-to-be's lips, and after the rehearsal, the two head outside to discuss...Isaac's bladder.

"The only concern I have for Isaac is if he pees himself," Kail says. "There's going to be so much going on, I don't know if he's going to tell anyone he needs to go to the bathroom."

"Well, he's gonna wear Pull-Ups," Javi calmly answers. "We're not going to put underwear on him."

Poor little buddy. We hope he was able to keep his pee in check amongst all the excitement. (It happens to the best of us, pal.) Either way, this will definitely be a clip that Kail and Javi can show his first girlfriend one day.