Which 'Real World' Tough Guy's Side Are You On: Brian's Or Cory's?


Only a short time ago, Jenny's main concern on "Real World: Ex-Plosion" was that her ex-boyfriend, Brian, and her former hookup buddy, Cory, were too close for her liking. Well, she can officially shelf that worry, because on tonight's episode, the guys were at each other's throats, and after one particularly volatile van ride that might turn into a bloodbath on next week's finale, it's safe to say they won't be making each other friendship bracelets anytime soon.

Brian, who's been relentlessly pursuing a heart-to-heart with Jenny, began to get under Cory's skin with his public pestering, and when Brian went as far as to criticize his ex-girlfriend for accepting a go-go dancing gig for some extra cash, Cory really started to get heated. Still, instead of aiming to shake off his annoyance, Cory took the opportunity to prey on Brian's insecurities where he could, and when he mocked Brian for getting Jenny into bed during the original cast's first 48 hours in San Francisco, he knew very well that war was a-comin'.

"I'm ready to go," Cory said as he took aim. "He can say goodbye to that pretty face, because once I get a hold of it, it's gonna be lump, lump, lump, lump, lump."

So, is Cory's frustration with Brian's blathering warranted, and does he have a right to speak up, or is he being too harsh, and is Brian's relationship with Jenny a topic that he has no right to touch? Take our poll!

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