Here's What Nick Cannon Would Look Like If He Ate An Elephant [Photo]

NickCannonFAT that you?

Mariah Carey sure did hit the lottery when she married Nick Cannon. The "Wild 'N Out" frontman has got the entire package: a spot-on sense of humor, workhorse mentality and, yep, he's really, really hot. From his warm smile to his six-pack abs, the jack of all trades is the tastiest type of eye candy...99 percent of the time, at least.

Earlier today, Nick gave fans a good laugh by posting the above pic to Instagram, and while we've got nothing against putting on a little extra padding here and there, Fat Nick looks to be in serious need of a treadmill.

"UhOh...," Nick captioned the shot, in which he appears almost completely unrecognizable due to a fake double-chin and entirely too much bling. Judging by the green screen behind him, the makeover has something to do with work (REALLY, NICK, DO YOU EVER SLEEP?), yet which project required him to make such a transformation is TBD. One thing's for sure: We're glad it's all temporary.

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Photo: Nick Cannon's Instagram