Tag Along With 'Free Agent' Cara Maria On Her 'Road To The Challenge'


Once a "Challenge" is officially launched, the gloves come off, and even the cast's angels quit playing nice, but what's the mood like before the games really begin and the prize money's put on the table? MTV equipped "Free Agents" contestant and series vet Cara Maria with a video camera to record her "Road to the Challenge," and from her personal, pre-game regimen to the competitors' airport reunion, she captures more happy faces than we've seen in 24 seasons.

To ensure she's in tip-top shape, CM first takes us through her workout routine, which finds her executing a few perfect pull-ups and keeping up her heart rate by jumping rope. A gym rat still has to look good, though, and while packing, she makes sure to bubble wrap her studded boots so they don't get scuffed during the long trip to...wherever she's going.

Finally, once Cara and her oversized bags arrive at the terminal, and she discovers the group is headed to Uruguay (talk about last-minute surprises...), she directs a quick -- and brutally honest -- comment to the camera.

"The really funny thing is, you guys always say, 'Why does nobody like you?' I'm the girl with the camera now, so everybody's gonna like me."

And you know what? She's kind of right. Soon, everybody's looking for a starring role in the video: Jasmine's dancing on cue, Dustin's showing off his pearly whites and...Camila's doing the mambo with a hamburger? We'll just leave that one there...

Take a look at Cara Maria's "Road to the Challenge," and tune in for the "Free Agents" premiere Thursday, April 10 at 10/9c!