The Biggest Tear-Jerking Moments Of 'Teen Wolf' Season 3


Still reeling from Monday's "Teen Wolf" season finale? Us, too. So many uncomfortable feels: Allison is gone, Aiden is no more (taking Aidia with him) and we recently got word that Isaac is out, too! CHANGE IS HAAARD, you guys. But processing the grief is an important part of moving on, and sometimes you just have to sit with the hurt to get to the other side.

If you can catch your breath for a second, take a peek at the most emotional moments from Season 3...then go dry those tears, put the pain in your rearview mirror and start getting pumped for Season 4!

When Stiles Saved Scott From Death-By-Barbecue (Episode 6): Seems like Stiles is always saving Scott's ass, but his heroism during the "Motel California" episode stands out amongst the rest. As Scott held a lit flare while standing in a puddle of gasoline, Stiles stepped in, bravely offering to go up in flames alongside his brother. Reason no. 192 why WE LOVE STILES: He'd die for his friends.

When Boyd And Erica Kicked The Bucket (Episode 7): Kali is one were-bitch we sure don't miss. Derek's heart broke all over again when the Alpha mistress forced him to kill a member of his own pack.

When Derek Finished Off His One True Love (Episode 8): Perpetually unlucky in love, young Derek was forced to take the life of his high-school sweetheart when she was bitten by an Alpha and failed to turn.

That Intense Surrogate Sacrifice (Episode 11): Remember when Scott, Allison and Stiles all risked their lives to save their parents from the evil Darach? They temporarily drowned themselves in vats of freezing ice water, and we couldn't help but tear up at their desperation.

When Allison Died In Scott's Arms (Episode 23): Let's just say we've been spending a lot of time on her memorial page. Collective sigh.

Scott & Co. both celebrated the loss of an enemy (take THAT, Nogistune!) and mourned the loss of a friend (RIP Allison and Scallison and Allisaac).


Shhhh... there, there.

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