Nicole Byer Of 'Girl Code' Serves Up Some Personal Sex-Life Realness


"Girl Code" viewers can always count on Nicole Byer to deliver candid, hilarious insights about sex, dating and even the speed at which ejaculate travels, but if you've ever been curious about the comedienne's own romantic history, she's ready to spill the beans. In an interview with Nerve, the occasional subway performer breaks down her ideal type (lumberjack in real life, Zach Morris of "Saved by the Bell" in TV-fantasy land), if she'd date a fan ("Yes, it’s called not being picky") and why she's so frank ("The majority of what I say is literally common sense").



As far as meeting men is concerned, Nicole says she's a recreational online-dater, but when it comes to forging connections in person, she prefers the many prospects New York offers. "L.A. may be easy for the beautiful because it's the land of the beautiful," she explains. "I don't really date; I just kind of get drunk and have sex with people." And it's this type of breeziness that inspired one of Nicole's most infamous "Pursuit of Sexiness" episodes, in which her latest boyfriend leaves objects in her vagina in attempts at endearment. The tale, she admits, has roots in real life.

"I had a one-night stand in Canada," her true story begins. "We were drunk and I remember him biting into a Snickers bar and then [EXPLICIT ACT, Y'ALL]. A piece of nut came loose and found refuge in my vagina and I found it the next morning. In the episode, I changed the peanut thing to the guy leaving a tiny note, a piece of fruit and then a big sweater in my vagina."

Be sure to read more of Nicole's jaw-dropping honesty, and stay tuned for two new "Girl Code" episodes Sunday, April 6 at 8/7c!

Photo: Colin Gray